Patrick Tillett Rocks

Even though I have been MIA in the blog world for the past couple of weeks my buddy Pat Tillett has bestowed upon me this award that touches my heart. When I started this blog I had no grand plans or expectations, just a desire to explore my inner geek. Pat some how found me and always leaves kind words of encouragement and friendly banter, I appreciate that more than I can say. In turn I have become captivated by his story and photography at http://patricktillett.blogspot.com/   If you looked up resiliency in the dictionary there would be a picture of Mr Tillett, he is living proof that one can choose to "rise above your raising" and find the beauty in life.
Thank you Pat, I'm hoping life settles down here soon so that I can get back to shooting and  (web)surfing on a daily basis !


The Vicki(e)'s Most Excellent Weekend

Part I








She Remembered Her Momma



Missing Her @ 10:00 AM

"A Moment in Time
Where will you be on Sunday, May 2, at 15:00 hours (U.T.C.)?

Wherever you are, we hope you'll have a camera — or a camera phone — in hand. And we hope you’ll be taking a picture to send to The New York Times that will capture this singular instant in whatever way you think would add to a marvelous global mosaic; a Web-built image of one moment in time across the world."