Catching Up

Spent Time At The Beach


Met Lil' Boy Blue & Lola

Took The Back Roads


Swimming Lessons



Chuck, I'll See Your Elephant....

hiding behind a weed...and raise you a deer hiding behind a flower...


Someday My Prince Will Come





Several of you kind people have inquired about my absence here on my blog.....fear not, my passion for photography has not waned. However my loathing of change has grown ex-potentially......I was dragged kicking and screaming to a new Internet service provider and I may never recover. This old dog was not interested in learning new tricks. I am surprised daily by where and if my email shows up, along with the horror of figuring out how to update all of my on-line accounts. The slick talking cable salesman enticed me with potential Internet speeds faster than the speed of sound ....should we ever cross paths again, I'm gonna kick his ass .
If another month passes and I haven't surfaced, please send reinforcement !
Peace, Vickie