What Do YOU Think?

I entered these two photos in a macro photography contest. They are heavily post processed, something I usually don't do a lot of. Judging from previous contests it seems the photos with a good deal of processing  are the ones acknowledged. I am curious about your thoughts on the advantages/disadvantages and why you do/do not "play" with your photos. Do you think it interferes with the integrity of your photography ?
Let's talk about it....

Here ya go Chuck in all of their original nakedness.....wherein lies my dilema.... once a picture is processed does it then become art instead of photography....IS photography art.....DOES it matter ???


Chuck said...

Both pictures look stunning. I would like to see the raw original compared to the processed.

faye said...

Great shots... I wish I could do
macro, but I need to practice...
and it requires more patience than
I seem to have at present.

Don and Sher said...

I saw this quote awhile ago, I don't know the source but it said,

"The art is not in the process or the technology. The art is in the image."

Momo said...

If you wished to be judged by what your photos look like then by all means continue to stay confused and enter them in silly contests mother, but as your daughter and as someone who sees beauty isn't just skin deep I would rather see the raw then editied photos you lose so much when you edit them if they can not see that the first time photo is beautiful then they are not human. These things come from the heart not the mind in everyday life you capture what most people would just step on because it is in their way, being in the military I've learned to grasp the concept....beauty isn't just skin deep and nor are your pictures raw, dull, or wrong. They are amazing and beautiful in their own and are not to be judged.
love you