Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.
~Anthony J. D'Angelo~


Pat Tillett said...

now please tell me how did it!!!
I've got to know!

Pat Tillett said...
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faye said...

Fantastic shot.....
care to share your 'trade'
secrets with us ?
I would love to get
a shot like that !!

Joe Cap said...

I think this was done with magic.

Don and Sher Cooper said...

Really nice

They Call Me Lady said...

Oh my, you kind, kind people give me waaaay too much credit =) But thanks for the confidence boost !
I will now share with you my very in depth, scientific, technologically advanced method....
1.Get one dark, rainy, boring Saturday afternoon.
2.Attire yourself in husbands very large rain poncho so you look like a total dork.
3.Take your camera off of Auto and go out into the garden.
4.PRETEND like you know what you are doing and try all kinds of settings.
5.Be surprised when look at your pictures on the computer.
6. Add a little "shadows" action in your free Picasa editing program.
7. Repeat if necessary.
Hope this helps...lol....you guys are the best !

The Retired One said...

Amazing shot! LOVELY,..just lovely!