EOD Award ~Thanks Chuck

My blog buddy Chuck over at http://apackalipsnow.blogspot.com/   recently gifted me with this really cool award.....made even cooler by the fact that he designed it himself...hrmpfff, and he always accuses ME of being creative ?
His only request :

 The only thing I ask for those who get this award, is to post on their blog a short summation of what they would do if they knew the Mayans were right about 12.21.2012. It's kind of like the line in the movie Speed or the lunch time poll question in Heathers..."What WOULD you do?"

I have to admit I am grossly under educated on the subject at hand and embarrassingly enough have never seen either of the above mentioned movies...yes, I live under a rock. After some thought I believe my response to "What would you do?" has to be the same as my answer to the often asked question "What would you grab if your house was on fire?" My reply...... nothing !  As long as my family is out and with me, life experience has taught me that's all that really matters, the rest is just stuff. So on the eve of 12.21.2010, should it look like the world will end, I will gather my babies and husband and leave this life a happy lady.
Thanks Chuck.


Pat Tillett said...

Congrats on the award my friend!

You certainly don't live under a rock. You get out all the time. Your great photos prove it!

Chuck said...

Simplistic and to the point...I like it. If you are curious some time...watch those two movies.

I agree with with Pat...what you see under your "rock" is better than most!