Ummm...Mr Tillett ?

would this be the kind of potato gun you are referring to (re: boys n' their toys)
this is what keeps the testosterone in check around here until we can make our annual pilgrimage to the pumpkin farm...sigh



Pat Tillett said...

These are indeed very close. How far can they shoot? I would have had so much fun with those things as a kid...
My friend is the past NSGA - President - (National Spud Gun Association). The versions they use are very long range and they bombard each others houses from distance. (allegedly).
Thanks Vickie!

Chuck said...

Very nice artillery. I think when I was a kid me and some friends tried to make something like this but of course we never succeeded.

They Call Me Lady said...

Hi Pat, all I know is they make a loud noise and shoot far enough to annoy the crap out of me =)

Oh man Chuck not you too.....guess you go in the boys n' toys category too !!